GOOD DAY FOLKS! We have our wheat, and we have a way to make bread, but we all know that bread does not store all that long. What can we do to make something edible from the wheat that will last? How about hard tack?


Grind your wheat into flour. I like to sift it after grinding, to remove any foreign matter.


Boil the rough ground flour in water with a pinch of salt. Do not add oil or any grease, this defeats the purpose of making a product for long storage. Stir the product constantly to prevent any lumps.


Form your boiled wheat into small cakes to dry, you can do this by placing them in an oven at 150 degrees. They will come out of the oven hard as a rock and taste like cardboard, but they will last forever.

 Of course, a much better way to eat your boiled wheat would be to eat it like a hot cereal. I prefer mine with butter and brown sugar... Tastes Great!

 Remember that prepping is all about knowledge. Now go out there and make some cardboard discs... errrr, I mean hard tack.


Rusty Shackelford