How to make and store homemade hash brown potatoes.

 One of the easiest, quickest and inexpensive ways to store a good and healthy food is to make homemade hash brown potatoes.

STEP ONE: Start out by grating your 'taters, but watch your fingers! You can add onions if you wish, but I chose not to for this batch.

 STEP TWO: You will need to cook the shredded potatoes in boiling water... because they are shredded, cooking time is usually 2-3 minutes. In my experience, these 'taters store better if you do not add salt to the water... I am unsure why.

 STEP THREE: Take the hashies out of the water... I have found that it is just easier to boil them is a strainer to take care of that little problem. Dump them on a towel, a newspaper or paper towels to cool. Now you will want to put them in your dryer or oven, spread 'em thin. They should dry in about an hour, but that depends on the climate in your area, it only takes about 30 minutes in my little area of the world.

 STEP FOUR: Once your hashies are dry, store 'em as you would any other dried product. Plastic containers are perfectly fine.

 To use your stored and dried hashies, just add water and a little bit of salt and let them sit for 15-20 minutes. You will then fry them in a little bit of fat, bacon is best of course!

A quick cost analysis by me here... a 10 pound bag of potatoes ran me $4.88 and I got loads and loads of hashies. To buy them in the store costs me $1.99 and up for a tiny 3 ounce package.

You can leave the skins on for better tasting and more nutritious 'taters. Enjoy!

Adios,        Rusty Shackelford