Rusty's Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

It has been a really bad year in West Texas.  Oppressive heat and lack of rain and an extended drought has made it difficult to raise anything this year.  Thank goodness for the Mennonites.   I purchased these little jellybean tomatoes from my Mennonite pals and they are too small for anything but salads or to make dried tomatoes.  Step one is to rinse them, cut them in half and dry them. Chose good quality tomatoes.
next, pack them into a good jar that has a tight lid.  I chose a jelly jar with a tight lid.

Next, put olive oil over the tomatoes.  Use only the best olive oil.  I also added a dried smoked jalepeno for some seasoning.  Good stuff!.  Make sure to add enough olive oil to cover the tomatoes.  Now, these tomatoes are not really ready to eat until they sit for a while.  I opted to store mine in the fridge until needed.   Enjoy!!

Until next time, Good prepping!!

Rusty Shakelford.