Storing Rice 

Make a vac seal pouch.  This will be to make a spice packet.  Make it large enough to hold whatever spices and quantities you want.  This is a custom dish for you and your family.

Rice is a decent staple.  It has calories and can pump up a diet of meat an vegetables by adding carbs and starch.  It is also easy to store and is a neutral food that takes on the flavors of the items added to it.  How does one store it though?  This bag of rice is 20 lbs and was purchased for $11.00 on sale.  


These are the spices I use.  Cumin, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Yellow Curry and Salt.  You can put anything you want, but salt is a must.  Use good salt.  The best salts are Kosher, Sea Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt.   These are salts with all the trace minerals.  Some other options are just salt and pepper,  dried cilantro, parsley, dried tomato, dried garlic, dried onions...any thing that you may enjoy.

 I also added some of my favorite spice.

  My homemade dried tomato/red pepper/hot pepper powder.   

Then seal the mini pouch you made. 


Add the pouch to your rice and seal.  You can add an oxygen or moisture absorb packet if you wish. I do not.   You now have a meal in a pouch, and it is enough to feed 4-6 people.  Add a little fresh greens, some rabbit and you have really good meal, that is nutritionally complete.  With this 20 lbs of rice, you can make 15 meals for 5 people and have leftovers.  

That is basically 75  servings for $11.00. 

 And you say you cannot afford to prep?