Storing Corn 

 It is that time of the year.  I want to show folks how to store corn. 

 I got fortunate and a farmer had corn at the farmers market $10 for all you can carry.  I got 47 ears. 

 I start out by cutting a little bit off each end.  

This will make it easier to shuck. 

 Peel the corn husks.

  Try to keep them intact.  

 Look at how nice this looks.   

Makes me want to eat this as is.  


While washing and picking off the silk, get a pot of water with a bit of salt, boiling. 


Our goal is to blanch, not boil the corn.  1-1 1/2 minutes in the boiling water.  No more.  

 After removing quickly dump into ice water.  The sink works great for this.  Make sure the sink is clean of course.  This stops the corn from cooking. 

 Let dry.  You can use a towel or a colander like I did.  This is important, as you do not want any water to enter your vac seal machine.

 Vac seal.  I put 6 halves into each pouch.  This is enough for my dog and I to have a meal.  These will be given to some needy folks I know and they have 2 kids.  That is enough for a dinner.  Always think of others when you prep.  If you get a good deal like this, why not pack for others too?  

 Vac Seal these.  You can add butter, salt, lime, chili or any other spice if you wish.  Because I am sharing this with a few families, I want to leave them plain.


 I also save the corn husks.  Lay them out, put some weight on them and dry.  These are fantastic for making tamale's, filling with sausage and vegetables and grilling or stuffing with anything for cooking.  When they cool, you have the original sandwich bag. I will do a separate presentation on using the husks 



 And you cannot afford to prep?  

Can you afford not to prep?