D.I.Y. Dry Laundry Soap

First off, I would like to thank my pal in Christ, Youna Tuber.   She is one heck of a smart gal and is a preppers prepper.   She was the inspiration for making laundry soap.  Why would one want to make laundry soap?  I can say, that I made 17 lbs of laundry soap for under $25.00. This supply should last me a year.  I will make another batch so I have an additional 1 years storage in the garage.  Clean clothes, a survival necessity?  Not a necessity, but a darn important comfort. 


Step number one, You will need the following items, all purchased at the local grocery mart, but I do admit I had to buy the washing soda at Walmart.   I have personally banned shopping at Walmart, but I could not find the washing soda anywhere else.  I am happy to say that this was the second time this year I have had to shop there for an item, and it is December 26th at the time of this project. 
1 4 lb box Borax  $4.89
1 3 lb Box Washing Soda $3.24
1 4 lb Box of baking soda $2.99
1 3.5 llb box of Oxy clean (Generic is fine) $7.79
3 Bars Zote Soap or Felsnaptha soap $1.00 per bar ( In the Texican tradition I went with Zote..Made in the traditional way)

Next, mix the washing soda, Baking Soda, Oxy clean, and Borax, one at a time into a bucket.  I highly recommend doing this in the garage, or outside.   As I am writing this, I am still sneezing.   What I did was mix the items one at a time into a bucket, dumping the bucket into another bucket.   This mixes things well.  I also used a masher to breakup the lumps in the borax. 

Now for the fun part.   Grate the soap.  It took me about 25 minutes to grate 3 bars of Zote.  My arms hurt so bad, I actually had to drink a few Guinness's to alleviate the pain.  I know that it is hard to imagine, but it is true.   

I ended up with about 17 lbs of laundry soap, and you use about 2 table spoons per load.   A years supply.   Make it now, store it in a bucket with a lid, and you will not be without.  Another great thing about this soap, is that I have sensitive baby skin and this stuff does not make me itch. I have also used this for washing my dogs, and it works just fine. If you are not prepared, why? 


Rusty Shakelford