Jomer's Canned Breakfast Sausage

 I  wanted to fill my jars as tight  as i could with sausage. I found if I made the patties the size of my canning jar lid rings it would shrink to the correct diameter after browning and fit tightly inside the jars.

Besides canned meat not needing refrigeration, another bigger reason for having these canned meats (bacon sausage chicken etc) is the minimal amount of future cooking required. in a crisis, cooking fuel could be a very limited resource. These canned sausage will only take a minute or two to warm them, not the normal 10-15 minute cooking time. If need be, you eat them right out of the jar.
i had 6 pounds of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages and it filled 7 wide mouth pint jars (with 1 scooby snack patty left over for the cook). 
No need to thoroughly cook the patties during the browning stage, they'll finish cooking in the pressure canner.
I pressure canned the pint jars for 1 hour 15 minutes at an attitude adjusted 11lbs/psi (10lbs for 1,000ft, 11lb for elevations of 1000-3000ft) 
Each jar has about 13.75 ounces of sausage in it, about 980cals per jar. unfortunately it is most fat calories. But still lots of calories and protein in just a little storage space.

I first tried cutting the Jimmy Dean's sausage into discs and flatten the patties out to the correct diameter. however, I found it easier to roll the sausage log out on a mat and then punch the rounds with the canning jar lid, like a cookie cutter.

I browned the patties for 2 main reasons, one being that now they only need to be re-heated

The other reason is that  the patties wouldn't stick together, and there is no need for parchment paper between the patties. 

The final results looked like this..

the juice is brown in color because I did the  'hot pack' canning method, and  needed to add liquid to fill the canning jars to within an inch of the rim. I figured instead of just putting flavorless water in the jars, so I used the liquid made from de-glazing the frying pan. I could of used beef  or chicken stock or made a pork stock.