Rusty's Solar Shower

Last weekend I decided to do a mock bug out.  My scenario was a financial collapse, so it was a relatively easy bug out.  I had a full tank of fuel, and my "stuff" was loaded in the back of the truck.  I decided to give myself one luxury...a hot shower at the end of the day.  So, I made a solar shower.  One of the buckets was used for showering and one for washing dishes.  The place I went was way back up in the mountains, with no electricity, running water or cell service.  A shower is something many take for granted, but the water out of the spring was 38 degrees.  I'm not showering at 38 degrees.  My solar got the water to 97* F.  More than comfortable to shower in.

Step one is gather these simple supplies:

1. Small black buckets...Cost $3.00 with lid at Home Depot
2. PVC pieces for a spout...Cost $4.00 per bucket

 We next want to punch a hole smaller then the spout.  The buckets are soft plastic.  Put the spout through the hole and use a rubber washer on each side of the bucket to prevent leaks.  I used a simple "on off" spout that curves down.  Inside the spout I added a plug and drilled a small hole in the plug.  This restricts the water flow.  The concept is to turn the water on...get wet, shut the water off, suds down, turn the water on and rinse.  I only used about 1 gallon of water per shower and felt squeaky clean.

 I spent $6 dollars on some shower curtains, and rings and some clothesline rope.  The nails I had in the pickup.  Also recommended are some clothes pins.  This is the makeshift shower stall. Also needed is an old mat or rug that will allow the water to drain through.  Otherwise you will be standing in pine needles or debris.  The buckets were kept out in the sun all day, then hung on a nail at the right height.  The shower curtain was not needed where I was, as the nearest neighbor was a whacky anti-government guy 13 miles away.

A few things to remember.  Try this out BEFORE you need it.  Make the spouts so they are easily removable for transportation, and a black bucket is much more efficient than any other color.  Until Next Time....Lets get prepared!