How to make your own Shakelford Mug

 Most of the time I discuss food storage ideas, but today, I am doing a fun project that may be something to know in the future. Making a beer/water/soup cup.

A couple of cautions.  Do not breathe the aluminum dust.  It is not good for you.  Wear safety glasses when cutting, and aluminum filings are flammable. 

Enjoy, use some of that junk to make something useful!

Step one is to select the correct metal bottle.  I am using an energy drink bottle.  Don't worry, I fed the energy drink to my dog, who is currently running around in the back yard at mach 4.
Step three is to cut the bottle.  You can stop here if you want a regular drinking glass.  Make sure to sand the top to remove any burrs.  A hack saw will work, but I used a Dremmel.
Now, we use one of those items I hope we are all storing, JB Metal weld, to attach the handle to the cup.
Step two, and this is optional, is to remove the paint.  I used a sanding block and fine grit sandpaper.
Next, remove the drinking throat of the bottle, and remove the plastic threads.  This will become the finger hole.
Next, take a pair of pliers and shape the finger holder of the cup. Make one side flat.