Rusty's Garden



Ok Folks, here in the desert it is time to start growing that garden.  We are out of water with no end to the drought, so I am going to do some flower bed gardening.  Many folks complain that they do not have room to garden, so I am going to offer a solution to that problem.  This little plot has had 4 o'clocks growing in it for many years.   I am not going to kill them all off, but I am thinning them out.  I will not take them all out, because they attract beneficial insects and humming birds. 

I am going to plant 2 varieties of tomatoes and one variety of pepper.  All are heirloom, even though the Hungarian Hots do not say it on the label.  A hint on tomatoes.  The hotter and drier the climate you live in, the smaller the variety you should grow.  There is an exception.  I have found Roma's to do somewhat well out here in the hot dry climate of West Texas.

The two tomato varieties I have chosen are the Black Cherry and the Yellow Pear.  Both dry really well, and taste darn good.  I will add some dill seed in a few spots in the hear future. 

If you have a healthy flower bed, little prepping of the soil is needed.  I added some donkey poo last spring, so it is well decomposed, and I did add some sulfur to help lower the PH a bit, but that is dependent on your soil.  There  is also a wasps nest above the flower bet to assist in pest control.  I also tossed in some of my compost (see making compost on this site)   

Plant your maters deep in the soil and use the native ground to cover them up.  Give them lots of space to grow.   They get really big out here.   I will put a cage around them later.   Peppers do not need to be planted so deep.   After planting, damped the soil.  Do not add any fertilizer, your compost and poo should do the job.  A note on the donkey poo.  Do not add it directly to the soil unless you plan on just letting it sit for a year.  It is too rich.   Compost if for a few weeks or let it sit fallow for a season. 

More updates to come.   Stay tuned...I will get my webmaster to add photos as the plants (hopefully) start to thrive.  Remember, you can improvise growing stuff where you live, with what you have.   Until the next update....Adios.

My paper shredder, turns the junk mail into a product akin to something like corn meal.   I took advantage of my monthly shredding to produce about 20 lbs of mulch.  It will act like paper mache to seal in the water.   I recommend a good mulch if you life in a dry climate.   I had to water it really well, to keep the West Texas wind from blowing it away.  

I am now getting tomatoes and peppers.   Another update soon.