How to Build a Raised Garden

Many folks are limited on space. I am, due to my house being built into a cliff. My solution? Build a raised bed. 

First, start out by placing posts. I was fortunate enough to have a retaining wall to tie into.

Next, we want to cut our boards to length. Attach them to our anchor points, in this case, the retaining wall and the newly sunk posts.

You will notice that I am using good, old fashioned hand tools here. Get in the habit of doing the same thing. If the power in your area is down for an extended period of time, you will not have any other choice but to use hand tools. May as well get into that habit now.
Finally, we need to add soil. You can make these beds as tall as you want. If your back is bothering you, being able to garden at waist level is ideal. If your raised bed is only a few inches deep, till all the soil together. Come on folks. Things are getting bad... Things are not getting better, and we may end up relying only on what we can produce. Just a small cost analysis... I made 2 beds 8x8 for a total of 128 square feet. The cost: Buying all stuff new was less then $70.00. You could use scrap to build these.