Pumpkin Seeds

Everyone knows pumpkins for pumpkin pie and making jack'o'lanterns, but did you know that the seeds are a delicacy? Start out by cutting the pumpkin in such a way as to remove the seeds. You will have to remove the seeds from the "guts", but it is not a hard process.

The seeds are slippery, so beware or you will have seeds flying everywhere! (Yep, I made a pumpkin poem)

After the seeds are seperated from the guts, soak the seeds in salty water for about 20 minutes.   Again, beware, they get to be slippery little devils

Drain off the salt water, put them in a pan, and add some oil.  Peanut or corn oil is best, olive oil and coconut oil do not work.  Personal experience there on these.  Dash a little more salt on them, and you can add any spices you wish.  Chilli powder is great.  Roast them for about an hour at 300 degrees, or until they get a nice roasted color.  Let them rest for a few minutes and then snack away, or store them for future emergencies.  Or do both!!

Grab that bounty, while it is still out there.

Rusty Shakelford