$5.00 Compost Pit

Prepping does not need to be expensive. The total cost of building this compost pit was just under $5.00. The cinder blocks were salvaged from an old building that was being torn down, and the bag of quikcrete that i purchased from the local hardware store was under $5.00.

Dig a hole and place the cinder blocks in it at ground level to create a flat surface. Stack the other cinder blocks to make a wall, I suggest building this right in your garden. Mine is in my garden and right next to the fence so my neighbors can donate to the cause, and many do, in exchange for a cucumber or a melon in the fall.

Mix your quikcrete and create a smooth surface on the bottom of the pit, this makes it easier to mix your scraps. Also once the compost is ready to move, a flat tipped shovel makes quick work of the job.

You can add just about any organic material to your pit. Eggshells, grass clippings, coffee grounds, shredded paper, newspaper, cardboard and vegetable scraps all work great. I generally like to avoid any meats or dairy... except for a container of yogurt to start the fermentation process (a beer can also be used).

Turn the compost every few days a keep it moist. You will have a great black looking dirt in just a couple of weeks.

Good luck and good composting.


Rusty Shackelford