Homemade Roasted Peanuts

The time has arrived again in the South for the peanut crop to come in.  I spoke with the Mennonites in Gaines county Texas and they said the bags of fresh crop peanuts will start arriving at the roadside vegetable stands around the 30th of October.   So, as a public service message, I thought a presentation on how to process raw peanuts would be in order.  This is a small batch, but I plan on buying a 50 lb bag when they are available.  These are last years crop.

Step 1 Add the spices you want to a container that will hold the peanuts and enough water to cover all the peanuts. If you are salting these, make sure add as much salt as the water will hold.

Next you will need to soak the peanuts in the room temperature water with the spices.  Put a lid over the peanuts to make them sink.  A saucer worked perfect for this bowl.  Let the peanuts soak for a couple of hours. In this case, I put a can of beans on top to keep the peanuts submerged

After these have soaked, roast them at 200 degrees for about 2-3 hours.If you are going to make peanut butter with the peanuts, do not add spices.  Just give them a quick bath in water and then roast them.  If you like them HOT HOT HOT, add some habanero powder.  Add as much salt as the water will hold.  You want it VERY salty.  There are many options for spices, such as Cajun or even a blend of Italian spices.   I suggest doing some experimenting. 

Remember, every day that you wake up to a normal day, is one day closer to a SHTF situation. 
Until Next time.
Rusty Shakelford