Drying Onions

I love onions, but getting them fresh in the winter is hard to do.  But, dried onions are easy to make and keep their potency for a long time.  I bought these small onions from a local farmer out in Pecos Texas,  They are small, but are very potent!!!  Start out by cutting off both ends and removing the skin and first layer of the onion.  The first layer will dry into a very tough piece of leather.  Put it in the compost pile. 

Next, cut the onions in half long ways.  Many of the Oooo La La French Chefs will scream bloody murder that the onions need to be chopped into uniform sizes.  I say Phooey!!  I just chop them up by cutting cross cut across the halves and then copping them into about the same size. 

Spread them out and dry them in the food dryer or oven at low temperatures.  I must put a warning here...  Texas onions are very potent.  I almost killed my doggie with the fumes from drying these in the house.  It took 4 days to get the smell of onions out of the house.  I recommend drying these in the garage.  They will gas you and your family out.  This batch was about 6 lbs, and I ended up with a good bit of dried onions.  Remember, when they are dried, you use a lot less as a soup starter or as a seasoning. 

Get out there and PREP

Rusty Shakelford