Mike's Cheddar Cheese Recipe


 ~Two Gallons Organic Whole Milk

~One Packet Mesophilic Starter

~1/4 Tsp. Liquid Rennet Dilluted in 1/4 Cup Non Chlorinated Water

~One Tbs. Cheese Salt

~1/2 Tsp. Calcium Chloride Divided in 1/4 Cup Non Chlorinated Water

 1. Add Water to Double Boiler Exterior Pot.

2. Add Milk to Double Boiler Pot; Add Calcium Chloride.

3. Heat Milk to 86-90 Degrees.

4. Add Starter; Cover and Remove Pot From Heat Source. Allow to Ripen for 45 Minutes. Check Temperature Regularly to Maintain the 86-90 Degrees Range. Place Pot Back on Heat Source if Necessary.

5. Add the Dilluted Rennet and Stir for Approximately 1 Minute.

6. Cover, and Let Sit Undisturbed for 45 Minutes.

7. Using the Curd Knife, Cut the Curd Into 1/4" Cubes in 3 Directions. First, Straight Down and Then at a 90 Degree Angle and Then at a 45 Degree Angle.

8. Place the Pot Containing the Curds Back Into the Pre-Heated Water Pot. Slowly Bring the Temperature of the Curds up to About100 Degrees. This Should Take About 30 Minutes. Stir Gently to Keep the Curds from Matting.

9. Place Cheesecloth Into a Colander. Place the Colander Over a Pot. Pour the Curds and Whey Into the Cheesecloth-Lined Colander.

10. Tie the 4 Corners of the Cheesecloth Together and Hang Over the Sink for 1 Hour to Allow Additional Whey to Drain.

11. The Curd Slices Should Be Hard and Have the Texture of Chicken Meat. Break the Pieces Into 1/2" Cubes and Place In a Bowl. Add Cheese Salt and Mix Well.

12. Line a 2 Lb. Cheese Mold with Cheesecloth. Place the Curds In the Mold and Cover With Cheesecloth.

13. Place the Cheese Mold Into the Cheese Press and Apply 10 Pounds of Pressure for 15 Minutes.

14. Turn the Cheese Mold Over; Apply 20 Pounds of Pressure for 12 Hours.

15. Turn the Cheese Mold Over One More Time; Apply 50 Pounds of Pressure for 12 Hours.

16. Carefully Remove the Cheese from the Mold.

17. Air Dry the Cheese at Room Temperature on a Wooden Board for 2-5 Days or Until Dry to the Touch.

18. Wax the Cheese.

19. Age the Cheese in a Refrigerator for 60 Days. The Longer You Refrigerate the Cheese, the Sharper it Gets.