Mike's Butter Recipe


~One Pint Organic Heavy Cream

~One Cup Ice Water

~Pinch of Salt (Optional)

 1. Place cream in a blender or food processor; you can also use a hand mixer.

2. Mix on high for about 5 minutes.

3. At about 2 minutes you will notice the mixture getting thick; the butter proteins and buttermilk are now separating.

4. At about the 4 minute mark the butter and the buttermilk should be separated and the buttermilk on the bottom.

5. Pour off the buttermilk; it can be saved for other uses.

6. Remove the butter from the mixture and place into a bowl.

7. Pour about half of the ice water over the butter and begin massaging the butter with your hands; in this step we will be removing the remaining buttermilk from the butter.

8. Continue to proceed until the water is clear; you may have to replace the ice water a few times.

9. Place into a seal container and refrigerate. Enjoy!