Making Kimchi
This is a way to preserve food without refrigeration.  First the typical warnings. 
Do not handle hot peppers without gloves.  Eating fermented foods may cause you to get sick. Blah Blah.

The ingredients
1.  Daikon  Radish (regular radish will work)
2.  Cabbage, Napa is recommended, but I used regular American Cabage
3.  Fish sauce
4.  Onions (bunch or bulb or both)
5.  Fresh Ginger
6.  Garlic
7.  Salt
Chop up your vegetables.  A humorous story.  I bought the peppers from a local Hudderite man who said he married a Hudderite woman from Argentina.  He said she has tried to kill him a couple of times with them.  The long ones are the hottest pepper Ive ever tasted.  Beware chopping them.  You can make the concoction hotter then you like, as it mellows with age.
Next we want to put all the chopped vegetables into a bowl, and "massage" them. 
You just rub them well with some course sea or kosher salt.
Massage them for about 2-3 can add some course pepper too if you want.
We want to pack this into a Jar with a lid.  Pack it tight.  Make a broth of the fish sauce and plain old water.  Traditionally, a fresh raw oyster is used, but I could not find one.  ***WARNING***  Fish sauce smells worse then anything you can imagine. It is rank.  It is supposed to smell like this.  It is not spoiled.  Just be careful.  Do not spill it on yourself, and if you do spill it, wipe it up immediately.  Use a paper towel so you can throw it away.

 Put the broth over the top until all of the vegetables are covered.  Set this is a warm (not hot) place for a minimum of 7 days.Put a lid on the jar, but DO NOT TIGHTEN IT. The jar will build up gas and could blow up.  The longer the better.  After it smells ripe, and the vegetables are tender, you can put it in a smaller container with a tight lid, and store it in the fridge.  It will last many months if not years.  I love Kimchi, and it contains probiotics similar to yogurt.  This will leave a little smell in your kitchen if you have a small place, and don't have a lot of ventilation, but it quickly dissipates.  Give it a try!!  Don't be shy!  Until next time...Bonsoir.