Howdy Folks.  As things get worse and worse, with potential seizure of personal assets or personal property looming in our future, it may be prudent to stash some items where it would be difficult for them to find.  I priced good cache boxes and found them to be $100.00 plus.   Today, I am going to show you how to make one for less then $20.00, and it is of better quality then the store bought items. 

The first step is to get your PVC, a cap, a cap with a screw on lid, and your cement/primer.  My total cost to make this 3" x 2 1/2 foot long cache tube was $15.00.  You can make them any diameter or length you want, as long as the parts are available at your local hardware store. 

The next step is to use the primer/prepping agent to prepare the area where you are going to put your cap onto the pipe.  Most of the time this prepping agent is purple, and it does more then just clean off the area.  The prepping agent actually partially melts the PVC so it bonds together.  Make sure to put the agent n both the pipe and the inside of the cap, being diligent to not miss a spot.

Let the purple primer dry for 2-3 minutes and add your cement to both the cap and the pipe. When you slide the cap onto the pipe, give it a twist so that the cement gets spread out well and you have no spaces that are not cemented.  Remember, we want this water proof.

Repeat on the end with the screw on cap.  The screw on cap willl probably not be water proof, but this can be easily fixed by putting teflon tape on  the threads.  A roll of teflon tape is less then $3.00 and will last a LONG time.  Since I am not ready to cache this, I am not going to tape the threads.

Now that you have your cache done, how do you hide it?  I recommend screwing the lid on tight so you need a wrench to remove it, and then burying it to look like a sewer trap line.  This one is actually behind a small fence I constructed to keep it even more secure.  Some people actually put their cache under a fence post and then write down the post number.   The one I made today will be put in the ground, holding 4 of my favorite, and most needed survival items.  

Remember, survival is also about keeping what you have, in the event it is needed. 


Rusty Shackelford