Jalapeno Powder

Got a great deal on some fat, juicy, organic jalapenos.  2 lbs for a dollar. I will show you how to dry these and turn them into a spicy jalapeno powder.  Step number one is to wash these little beauties.  There are some safety tips we mush follow.  I will put them in bold as I go along.  The next step is to cut the ends off and discard and then cut these into slices.  *Use Rubber gloves, and do not scratch anything that you do not want to burn safety glasses are also recommended* If you want it really hot, leave the seeds in, remove the seeds for a more gringo mellow version.

Next, spread these out on your dryer rack.  *Do not dry these in the house, unless you want to wake up dead. Do them in the garage* Dry them until they are totally dry and crispy.  Remove these from the drier and and get a coffee grinder ready.  You could use a mortar and pestle or any other fancy grinding device. 
Finally run the powder through a screen strainer.  Whatever debris is left should be run through the coffee grinder again.  You can do this 2-3 times and everything should grind up nice and powdery.  *You may want to consider a dust mask, do not breathe this dust, and I recommend doing this in the garage, the dust will also coat your hands, do not scratch that itch* Making spices and homemade flavorings to store is easy and fun.  Who said you cannot prep year around?


Rusty Shakelford