Drying Fruit For A Fruit Medley

 This time, I want to share a simple way drying fruits. Many of these are not in season, but I bought a few to demonstrate how to prep and dry 'em. I am using grapes, peaches, cherries, apricots, pears and bananas. I will show you how I dry the fruit together and store it as a fruit medley.

 STEP 1: In a bowl, add some water, a teaspoon or two of sugar, stevia or splenda (Honey will not work, neither will any other syrup). Roll, cut and squeeze a lemon or lime into the bowl, as this will provide the needed acidity to prevent the fruit from turning brown, especially important for the bananas, pears, apples and other non-acidic fruits. However, I use this mixture for all fruits.

 STEP 2: Grapes need one more step. They need to be dipped into boiling water for about a minute. This really does speed up the drying time.

 STEP 3: Arrange all of the fruit on your drying trays, or on the pans you want to use to dry the fruit in the oven. The grapes and the cherries will take a longer time to dry.

 STEP 4: You can now transfer all the fruits out of the dryer, or the oven, and package 'em how you see fit. I just mix-up mine and use 'em for cooking or as a healthy snack.

 Remember this my friends... prepping is not only about storing food, it's also about how to prepare that food for storage, and how to use it when you're done.


Rusty Shackelford