Joe's Fire On Ice

A friend got the Idea for a, small B.O.B. Pack Candle for Cooking from -
Then showed me what he came up with .  I took the Basic Idea & Dropped the Can ! I ended up with What I call Joe's Fire on Ice ! They will burn for 5 min. in your boot print , in the Snow - Kansas wind, not a problem ! LOL  If it takes you longer then 5 min. to start this Fire - Step a side let your kid make it! 

1.  You will need a Card Board Box . Dry !
2.  Some thing to Cut it with . Razor Knife worked Great !
3.  Old wax candles, Old broken Crayons, Gulf Wax . as long it Melts !
4.  Wire to hold round . Large garbage bag twist tie's work great .
5. Heat to Melt the wax . stove-top works great - Watch the temp. if you have it to hot - Your house will smell like wax for days !
6.  a small Pot . Ask which one You can Use - if needed !
7.  Aluminum Foil over a Cookie sheet . to set them on after you dip them - any wax that drips can go back in the pot !
8. a Fork & pliers. they Will be Very Hot !  Wax Will Burn You !

Then cut the Card Board into strips .  1" x  12" - Roll - to about, 1 & 1/2" twist tie round . dip in Hot Wax till Wax has soaked 1/2 way up & flip it over - with the fork . Till the card board roll is wet . pick up with pliers - set on Aluminum foil, let set till the Hot Wax has Cooled ! After it has cooled - the Wax will hold the roll round !
  **I Cheat I pull them off the foil & put them on a Paper plate then, place it in the Frig. Cooling is much faster ! **
From 1/4 lb Gulf Wax -  I Got 27 "Joe's Fire on Ice " rolls & 26 "Fire chips"  Card Board cut - 1" x 1 &1/2" the "Fire Chips " Work Great for Starting Small fires if you have Dry Wood !

Be Wise & Prep - Bless You !
Thank You !

Jomer's Jewels

 "A penny saved is a penny earned, but a FRN (Federal Reserve Note) saved will become worthless."

"Freedom can never be won. It can be earned, and under constant vigilance, it can be maintained. But it can never truly be won"

For the most part the U.S Dollar was like a hearty stew. for over 100 years just one cup would sustain the average person for a day. But then in 1913 a new chef, named the Federal Reserve,  was put in charge of the stew. At first people didn’t mind that the once hearty stew was being watered down a little by little.  Sadly there was complete apathy when the Chef removed the meat (the gold) in the 1930's and then potatoes (the silver) in the 1960's.

That once great stew has now been watered down by 98 percent to where it It now takes 50 cups to get the same 'nutritional' value of 1 cup of the original stew. For you home cooks who want to follow the Federal Reserve recipe, here it is: in a 8 gallon stock pot add 1 cup of hearty stew, being sure to have removed all the meat and potatoes.  then add 6 gallons of water, stir well and enjoy your …. Ummmmm.. well, that’s not even a broth anymore.

I believe it was the comedian George Carlin who once said “soup is what you find at the bottom of a dishwasher after a good meal”. I say “Fiat currency is what you see swirling down the commode after the moneychangers had their meal”.

Thank goodness I am a meat and potato kind of guy.

Vacuum Sealing Collard Greens Submitted by Ronald H.

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