Roasting Chili Peppers

Folks, here in  West Texas the bounty continues to roll in, and one of the local specialties is Hatch Chili's.  They are hot, and tasty and are a welcome addition to any chilli, salsa or spaghetti sauce.  But beware!!  Some of these locally grown jewels are VERY hot. 

Step 1, rinse and wash your chilis.

Step 2, roast these beauties.  I am using the oven on broil mode, but you can use an outdoor BBQ grill with either propane or charcoal, or even wood.  The wood and charcoal will give them a nice smokey flavor.  I used the broiler because the outside temperature was only 78* F and it was convenient. You need to roast these on all sides, and get them charred.  The skins should turn dark brown to charcoal black.

Step 3, this is a vital step.  You must put the roasted chilis into a container with a lid.  Make sure they are right out of the oven.  I am using a stainless steel stock pot with a lit, but have found some of the large plastic containers with lids work well.  Let them sit in the closed container until cooled.  This lets them steam properly so the skins become loose.

 Step 4, peeling and coring the peppers.  I will warn you, this step can get brutal, depending on the heat of the peppers.  I had to stop and take a shower half way through because I rubbed the side of my nose and my eyes. 

You want to cut the ends off the peppers and then split them open and remove the seeds and pith.  Some folks peel them first, but hey, why be normal?  After they are de-seeded and the ends and pith removed, simply peel the skins off.  The skins look like cellophane and will decompose in the garden.  You can then rinse the meats in water to remove any seeds.  From this point, you can can them, freeze and then vac seal them or just add them to some fried potatoes for a tasty snack.  

Take advantage of the fresh local harvest this time of year!!!  Put them up for winter and you will always have a stash of home prepared goodies to see you through the coming hard times.

Rusty Shakelford


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