YounaTuber's Biltong Recipe made with Venison


 Vinegar and BPA-free sprayer bottle. I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. ***never store your vinegar water in the spray bottle longer then you need it.   It will leach the chemicals out of the plastic.   

Coriander- crushed, (or run through a pepper mill) ***This is the key ingredient for the unique flavor of Biltong!

Black Pepper

Coarse Salt, either Sea Salt or Kosher Coarse is preferred!

As many strips/chunks of meat as desired, preferably cut between 3/4"-1" thick slices/slabs

How To...

Once you've cut the meat into pieces, strip as much fat/sinew from the meat as possible.

Spray both sides thoroughly with vinegar until saturated

Coat both sides THOROUGHLY with salt

Sprinkle both sides with black pepper and coriander, being more liberal with the coriander than the pepper

How To... (continued)

Let it sit at least 8-10 hours (or overnight) unwrapped in the fridge

Now it's time to dehydrate!!

Here are two methods of dehydration

Easiest- place on EVERY OTHER TRAY in dehydrator and set on 100 degrees for 4 to 5 days.

Traditional- pierce each piece of meat with a paperclip and hang them on a string (4 "-5" apart) in a WARM (75 degrees or warmer) DRY (must not be humid!) room or closet for 7-10 days