5 Dollar Preps Part Two

For under $5.00 i got enough food for probably 4-5 days for one person.  So, the whole "I do not have any money to prepare" will no longer work with me.  If you use that excuse you are just blowing dust at me.  Today, find $5.00 and get ready.  I will go on a 5 dollar buying spree again in the near future.  Currently I have spent $10.00 and have an estimated 7 days worth of food. 


Rusty Shakelford

This is another trip to the store to show what $5.00 will buy.  I did not break this session down into calories.   Some people have complained that all they have is a local grocery store, so I went to my local grocery store instead of a dollar store. I only took five dollars so I would not get tempted to go over my amount.   I actually ended up with quite a bit more at the grocery store then at the local Big Lots.

2 boxes of Vermicelli noodles 2 x .27

1 can of canned milk              1 x .54

1 can of corn                          1 x  .48

1 box corn bread mix              1 x .50

1 can pork and beans             1 x .58

1 can Mexican style tomatoes 1 x ,59

2 cans Vienna sausages           2 x ,45

1 can cream jalepeno soup       1 x .65

Grand total is $4.88 cents with no tax on this food.