5 Dollar Preps Part One

One of the excuses that many folks give for NOT prepping is that they do not have any money.  I would like to counter this a bit by showing how I stretched out $5.00 to make me more prepared then the average American.  We are told by our government that the average house has 72 hours worth of food.  Take this advice and you will be heads and tails above the average American.  Do this 3 or 4 times and you will be a serious prepper. I started out with 5 $1.00 bills. One of them I found in the gutter, and the other four I got when I cashed in the change in my change jar. 

I headed down to Big Lots and did some shopping.  The follow are the items I picked up.  My goal was only long term storage items, soy free, and nutritious foods.  Of course water was on the top of my list.  But, you could even avoid buying the water by storing some in a bottle out of the sink.

 The following are the items I came up with.

2 Cans Refried Beans with Jalepeno's  2 x .55
1 can healthy harvest tomato sauce     1 x .60
1 can Pork and Beans                         1 x .60
1 six pack of water                              1 x 1.00
1 bag German dumpling noodles           1 x 1.00
2 Cup-o-Noodles                                   2 x .33 

The Total after tax was $5.16.  I went over my budget by .16.  However, that was due to sales tax in Texas.  Now, you do not have to buy what I bought.   You can buy other stuff.  But, I did an analysis of what I purchased.  The total calorie count is 3095 calories.  That is over 1000 calories a day for 3 days.  If you smoke, give it up for a day.  That will give you enough food to last 3 days.  If you drink cokes or coffee from the store, stop for a day or two.  Pack a lunch, or cut out another luxury.  I believe that everyone reading this can come up with $5.00 to give them 3 days worth of food.   Do that once a week for a month, and you have close to 2 weeks worth of food.   Toss in an extra dollar here and there, and you can buy some salt, pepper and spices.  Now, NO MORE EXCUSES, what are you waiting for?  Bad times are coming.  Get prepared now!

Rusty Shakelford